O’Deer Recording is a music studio located in Greenpoint, Brooklyn. It is owned by Matan Benzvi, an experienced engineer and a music producer. The studio’s vision is to provide a service that is both professional and meaningful, focusing on the human touch and the music.
We offer recording services, mixing, music production, and composing. Feel free to ask us to play an instrument on your record.
The studio is built inside an industrial building , and features a acoustic treated control room, 150 Sq.ft live room that can fit up to 6 people, and storage.

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Young Bugs - After the Fact
Recorded and Mixed at O’Deer Recording by Matan Benzvi
Mastered by Will Dyar


Matan Benzvi


Born and raised in Israel, Matan Benzvi is currently living and creating in Brooklyn, NY. For the past 10 Years Matan has been producing and engineering for many artists and recording studios.
Matan started his musical path as a drummer, and later studied piano, guitar and music arrangement. His main motive has always been "the sound". Both as a part of the musical arrangement and as a big part of the creative process.
At the end of 2014 he moved from Tel-Aviv to Brooklyn. His new studio is called O'Deer Recording and is open for all music genres and art forms.
Matan is also a songwriter and a performer. In August 2014 he released his debut LP called "Farewell of The Prodigal Son." The album is written in Hebrew and was recorded and mixed in Israel. After moving to Brooklyn he formed a band called Yafo and released a self titled EP. 
Matan is currently working on a new LP that will be released early 2018.

Studio manager ad sound engineer Matan Benzvi