Analoge and digital Recording

Antelope Orion 32+
Burl B2 Bomber
Studer A810 1/4" tape machine
Pro tools 2018
Plugins - UAD, Waves, Soundtoys, Slate and much much more

Pre amps and summing

API  3124+
API 3124MB+  
Neve 34542 console with X8 34128 channel modules
2X AMS Neve  1073LB
Focusrite ISA215 - 2 ch
2X John Hardy M1
Sound Workshop 1280 console (CURRENTLY IN REPAIR)
API 8200A summing  mixer


Neumann U47 FET vintage( Originally from Sound City)
Neumann U89
AT4080 ribbon
Cascade fathead ribbon
Shure KSM313 ribbon
Gefell pm750 (69 capsule)
AEA R84 Ribbon
Beyerdynamic M160 (X2)
BeezNeez Jade
Telefunken CU29
Telefunken m82
Shure SM7b (x2)
Shure sm57 (x4)
Peluso 2247
Several modified microphones


Shadow HIlls mastering comp
Daking Fet III stereo comp
Alan Smart C2 compressor
(2) Urei LA-4 compressor
1176 HB
(2) Crane Song Falcon 500 series
Empirical Labs EL8 Distressor
(2) Purple Audio Action 500 series module compressor
(2) SPL De Esser
Mercury EQP tube eq
(2) Mercury EQP1 tube eq MkIII matched Pair
(2) API 560 EQ
(2) Daking EQ 500 series
Roland SDE-2500 delay
Lexicon PCM60 reverb
Vermona Retroverb Spring reverb and envelope filter
Variety of guitar pedals and effects


1975 Fender Vibro Champ
1971 Polytone bass amp
1960's Sear Silvertone 1484
1963 Ampeg Reverberocket
Sundown ST-5
Gibson GA-20


Rhodes 73 mkii
Micro korg
Korg monologue
Hagstrom 69' Guitar
1966 Harmony H74 Meteor 
National 68' Bass Guitar
1974 Yamaha FG-380
Yamaha vintage Electone E30 organ
Yamaha 7000 vintage drum kit
Ludwig vintage kit (with 20” bass drum)
Tama 22" Bass Drum
Ludwig 26" bass drum
Several snare options
Roland Juno 106 (upon request)
Ensoniq SQ80 (upon request)


MOnitoring and misc

Adam a7x pair
Genelec 1029a pair
Genelec 1091a sub
Avantone MixCube
Dangerous monitor controller
Hearback headphones monitor system with 4 mixers
Beyerdynamic DT770
Sony Headphones
Ultrasone HFI-580

Phoenix Nice DI
Radial Reamp
Mic stands